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Personal Care Assistants

What to look for when hiring a personal care assistant

A personal care assistant is more than just someone you hire to assist a loved-one. A personal care assistant should be a trained professional committed to the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones. They must also be capable of providing potentially life-saving assistance when needed.

This article will examine this role in greater detail.

  1. The Personal Care Assistant must be Organized

Organization is the first caregiver skill that you need to have to hire a personal assistant. The caregiver will need to be able to manage medication administration, meal preparation and assembly and the active time of your loved one. It is important to be on time and consistent. This requires organization skills.

  1. Reliable

The people who need caregivers can’t afford to have a constant stream of no-shows or call-ins.

The caregiver should arrive on time. It is important to plan and request an absence in advance so that you can prepare.

  1. Personal care assistants must be able to use technology

A good caregiver should also have a high level of technological knowledge. In an emergency, everyone knows to dial 911. But it’s more than that.

Good personal care assistants will be able to utilize technology in a way that benefits your loved one. Tech skills, such as setting timers to remind your loved one to take their medication or operating a mobility vehicle can make your personal care assistant standout, save money, and improve your loved one’s quality of living.

  1. You Can Trust a Good Personal Care Assistant

The list of caregiver skills also includes trustworthiness. This is different from reliability (i.e. showing up on time). In fact, it goes beyond that. Your personal assistant will show you that he or she is trustworthy by demonstrating their trustworthiness. They know when discretion is needed and will use it.

  1. Flexible

Skills and abilities of caregivers are needed all the time. In other words, the care of your loved ones does not follow a 8-5 schedule. This is not something that a good caregiver will have any problem with. A good caregiver will know that this is the nature of their job and will be willing and able to assist, always keeping their mobile phone with them.

  1. Proactive

Your caregiver should be able notice any changes in your loved one’s behavior or health. Your caregiver should be able to notice any changes in behavior or physical health.

  1. Communication is a key skill

When necessary, personal caregivers must be able communicate with other parties about the needs of a loved one. You need someone who is well-spoken and articulate, as well as someone who can listen actively. Avoid them if they are unable to interact and understand.

You Should Hire A Personal Care Assistant With These Qualities

If you want to preserve the quality of your loved ones’ life, a personal care assistant who has these qualities will be worth their weight in gold. Contact us to learn more about our mobility products and how they can help you provide proper care.