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Home Health Care

Home health care: What to expect

There are a lot of things that you may not know about home care if you’re new to it. Before you can receive home health services, your doctor must certify that you meet the eligibility requirements. Those who qualify for All Home Health Care will receive services within 1-2 days of returning home from the hospital or rehabilitation facility.

What is home health care?

The term “home health care” refers to healthcare services offered in a patient’s home. There are several reasons for a doctor to prescribe it:

  • An individual was recently discharged from a hospital or long-term care facility, such as a nursing home or rehabilitation center
  • A doctor determines that an individual has a need for nursing or therapy at home

The goal of home health care is to help patients become more independent and capable of self-care as they age. It is important for those with chronic illnesses or disabilities to maintain their highest level of function and adapt.

Assisting with activities of daily living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and rehabilitation are all included in services of home healthcare. To be covered by insurance, the service must be ordered by the patient’s physician.

How do I qualify to receive homecare services?

In order to receive medical care at home, your doctor must write a home care order. You must be considered in need of intermittent skilled services provided by either a nurse or a therapist. As a result of physical or mental limitations, you must have difficulty leaving your home, so you need care to come to you.

If my doctor recommends and writes an order for home care, will I receive the services?

The majority of the time, you will receive homecare services. There are times when homecare services are difficult to arrange due to:

  • Homecare company’s inability to provide the care you need
  • Coverage limitations set by your insurance company
  • Geographic area where you wish to receive services

In the event that homecare services cannot be arranged, your doctor will make alternative arrangements. Among these options are:

  • Outpatient rehabilitation center
  • Rehabilitation hospital
  • Rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility

Does my insurance cover home care?

A majority of insurance companies cover the cost of skilled care at home. Depending on your policy, your insurance benefits may vary. You may have to pay a co-pay sometimes. Homecare consultants and discharge planners can provide you with this information.

What can I expect during a regular visit?

The average visit lasts less than an hour.

You can expect things like:

  • Checking your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and breathing.
  • Making sure you understand the purpose of your medicines. We will teach you about the side effects and how and when to take your medicines on a schedule.
  • Teaching you or your caregiver to care for a wound or IV.
  • Creating an exercise plan to build your strength and improve balance/walking.
  • Teaching you how to control the symptoms of your ailments.

How often will they visit me?

The frequency of homecare team visits will depend on your specific needs and your insurance coverage. Depending on your needs, we may schedule more than one visit. Two to three times a week, homecare professionals visit patients. As you progress, fewer visits will occur.

When will they call me to schedule a visit?

A homecare team member will attempt to contact you the night before to schedule a visit for the next day. In some cases, they may not be able to reach you until the day of the appointment. We apologize if we cannot give more notice. Our schedule gets filled with new patients every day. Occasionally, they fall ill and need immediate care. Schedules of members of our home care team change because of this. An estimated time will always be given when they arrive.

Will I have the same nurse and/or therapist all the time?

Our homecare team at All Home Health Care understands the importance of building trust with you. Therefore, we schedule the same clinical professionals to visit your home every time. Our ability to book the same nurse or therapist may be affected by changes in time, day, or after-hours.

Can I request a specific nurse or therapist?

You will be assigned the nurse, therapist or assistant you request. On occasion, we may not be able to accommodate specific requests. A shortage of team members or employees’ work hours is often the reason for this. Also, we are aware that some patients prefer female or male providers. We would appreciate knowing your preference.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You will be contacted after discharge from a hospital, skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility by a discharge planner from the facility. Please talk with your discharge planner or homecare consultant if you have any questions about the coordination of homecare services.