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Home Health Care

Different Types Of Home Care Services

pca_services_near_meNot everyone who requires in-home care has an injury or is chronically ill. Instead, a lot of them need daily assistance.  The home care provided is tailored specifically to ensure the patient and the patient’s family have the best all-around experience. Knowing the different types of home care services available is one of the first steps towards ensuring you can select the right care for your loved ones.

At-Home Physician Care

For anyone who needs higher-level access to experienced medical professionals, in-home doctor’s visits can be a great option. This service is specifically tailored to those who need access to licensed physicians. It will allow house call to be made whether to treat a specific illness or injury. Because of this, it can provide a good amount of peace of mind to rest easy knowing that your loved one is getting the specialized care they require.

Nursing Care

This is easily the most common type of home care services offered. This care is provided under the guidance of both registered nurses and nursing assistants. A  caregiver is assigned to a patient and they follow along to ensure the patient receives the best possible treatment under the direction of a doctor. Once the treatment plan is approved by a doctor, the nurse will be in charge of handling the day to day needs of the patient in their own home. This allows them to remain in the comfort of their own home while getting professional care. Any nurse used in this is fully qualified to handle all kinds of day to day tasks including wound dressing, IV therapy, pain management, and various other types of support.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

Some patients may require occupational or physical therapy as a result of sustained injury or illness. All kinds of different use-cases would benefit from these types of therapies. By getting in-home treatment, it will allow professional psychical therapists to effectively perform their duties in the patient’s home. Thus, allowing them to feel comfortable on their own. This can help them regain their physical abilities and result in dramatic improvements in their daily life.

Social Services

There are times in which the welfare aspect of a patient is handed off to a social services caseworker to handle. These services can be provided at the home of the patient to make it more accessible. No matter if your loved one requires counseling or figuring out their benefits, the social worker will be able to offer assistant at-home. This can be a good option for those who have loved ones who require significant care and who have to get a lot of coordination between various specialists.

Companionship Services

Sometimes, a patient may require in-home services but not necessarily related to medical care. These services can help to ensure your loved one feels comfortable and that they are offered the companionship they need. These services usually involve having a caretaker who is willing and able to cook meals and perform various day to day housekeeping services.

At-Home Dietary Support

As people get older, their bodies get less efficient at absorption. Because of this, many nutritional deficiencies can crop up. Thus, they need to be watched to ensure they are getting everything they need. With this service, your loved ones will be able to have a professional dietician look at their diet, monitor their intake of nutrients, and provide the necessary guidance they need to optimize it. All of this, in the comfort of their own home.


Another major problem a lot of older people have is the inability to get from one place to the next safely. No matter if they aren’t able to drive themselves or they aren’t comfortable doing so, there are many options available to them. You will find at-home transportation services readily available to have your loved ones picked up and driven to their respective appointments.

Home Health Aides

If your loved one is suffering from the inability to handle daily tasks, it might be time to call on a home health aide. Someone who is a home health aide will be able to help your loved ones perform their necessary day to day tasks including getting up out of bed, bathing, walking, eating, and more. This care is usually offered by someone who isn’t certified to perform nursing duties, but it is heavily monitored by a professional nurse.

No matter what type of care your loved one requires, they should be able to find the right type that helps them live their life to the fullest.