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Home Health Care

Common Questions about Home Health Care

What is the definition of “Home Health Care?”

Home health, also known as “home care”, is care that is delivered in the patient’s own home by a qualified professional. This type of care is provided by licensed professionals such as nurses and therapists. It is intended to treat injuries, illnesses, and other medical conditions.

Home health care can be provided in the patient’s home, group home or long-term nursing center. You may be eligible for services such as occupational therapy, speech therapy and skilled nursing.

There are differences between standard and home health care

Home health care is different from home care. Although they sound similar, both services are performed at the patient’s home. Home health care is provided by licensed professionals in the medical field. Home health care also includes a variety of medical-related services such as therapy services and post-operative monitoring.

What is the Definition of “Homebound”?

Although it is possible to provide home care services to any patient, Medicare will not cover such services if the patient is “homebound”. This means that the patient is unable to leave their home without assistance from others or devices. Patients are considered homebound when they leave their homes to receive medical treatment that is not provided in a home setting. The home is allowed to allow for short, infrequent, non-medical trips, such as church attendance, grooming appointments, and key family events.

Why choose home health care?

The best thing about home health care for elderly patients is that they can be delivered right at their homes, regardless of where they live. This prevents the accumulation of large hospitalization bills.

Family members of patients are encouraged to be involved in planning the care of their loved ones and helping them establish goals for the care of the home care staff. Home health care for the elderly can also be beneficial in that it allows patients to feel more independent, recover faster from injuries and illnesses, slow progression of chronic conditions, and manage nagging symptoms better.

Anyone caring for an elderly relative with a chronic condition or a new illness should consider home health care.