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Benefits of Home Health Care During the Holidays

in_home_health_Care_aidesThe number of elderly and disabled people receiving home health care every year is about 12 million. From light housekeeping to necessary medical care, these services provide assistance to a wide range of people. Having family caregivers on hand is always helpful, but it is especially helpful during busy seasons, such as the holiday season.

Make Travel Possible

The elderly and the disabled often have difficulty traveling long distances. In order to take care of the loved one in their care, caregivers often sacrifice seeing long-distance relatives or friends. As a result of home care providers, people no longer have to choose between one or another.

The presence of a temporary live-in caregiver or a full-time health aide for daytime or evening visits allows people to feel confident that their loved ones are safe and have companionship while they are gone. After their visit, they can feel refreshed and ready to share new stories with their co-workers as caregivers.

Preparations are needed

When someone is already struggling with the needs of a family member, many holiday tasks, such as decorating, baking cookies, and addressing holiday cards, become burdensome. By providing transportation to medical appointments, helping with daily personal care, and assisting with meal preparation, home health providers make life easier.

The holiday season becomes more enjoyable for families when they hire a home health aide. Also, the patient’s family is rewarded because they can now attend events together or put up decorations at home so they can truly mark the occasion.

Reduce Holiday Blues

Seniors suffer from depression. During the winter and during the holiday season, it is amplified. The holiday’s celebrations of years gone by leave a bitter taste in the mouths of many elderly people. During this time of year, families often worry about their loved ones being alone for too many hours.

If you are not ill enough to need full-time medical assistance, hiring a health care aide for a few hours each week is a great option. A home care provider relieves some of the loneliness they may experience during the holiday season, and lets their loved ones know if there are any changes in their health or emotional well-being before it’s too late.

Enjoy the Events

During the holiday season, schedules are full of religious services, parties, and community events. The services provided by home health agencies make it possible for family and friends to attend special events with their loved one instead of just doing chores.

Keep Them Home

The winter season causes a lot of health concerns for the elderly and the ill. Flu, colds, and other respiratory conditions are dangerous for people with weakened immune systems. In addition to the physical strains of staying busy during the holiday season, there are additional risks associated with flu season.

Home health providers monitor their clients’ well-being. They ensure all health needs are met and offer additional medical care when needed. They help many elderly and disabled individuals stay at home rather than being confined to hospitals until their health improves.

The patient also spends less time at a clinic or in a doctor’s office for routine care and checkups, which reduces the amount of exposure to contagious diseases.

The use of home health services is on an as-needed basis. The provider works with the client and the family to determine when and what the provider can provide. Our goal at At Home Health is to provide our clients with the highest level of care possible every day. Learn more about what we offer by contacting us.