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The Monthly Pulse – January 2020

The Monthly Pulse

January 2020


“If you don’t know, now you know”


Thank you for your continued dedication to All Home Health—we wouldn’t be here without you!!!

Recognized Employee:

Marlene Larson

“Marlene is a go-getter with a big, kind, brave and caring heart. We are lucky to have her as our PCA… She instantly fell in love with All Home Health, their values and even their office staff. Marlene always does what she is told and easily adapts to the changes we have to make around here, even with little time to adapt. She is always early for her shifts and offers to stay when she notices we may need her a little longer. Her patience is beyond anything I have ever seen with anyone else.”

Marlene, you are a shining example of a TEAM PLAYER!

YOU make the difference!    Thank you!

Want to recognize YOUR caregiver?

Call or email and tell us how they have demonstrated our core values (please list examples) and why you feel they deserve the recognition.


Are you keeping yourself safe?

One wrong move can change your entire life. Winters in Minnesota can be damaging. Following these rules can help save you for the long run…
• Walk like a penguin by focusing on your footing and taking short, slow and flat-footed steps
• Take it slow
• Avoid using cell phones or carrying large loads while walking
• Walk on marked paths and avoid short cuts
• Wear proper footwear for the weather — no heels or smooth-soled shoes
• Watch for changing conditions — freezing, melting and refreezing are especially dangerous
• Step down and not out when getting out of a vehicle
• Step down off curbs, not out
• Report icy conditions to a supervisor or maintenance person
• Spread salt on ice

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) – Help us get started!

We are inviting more Caregivers to use an electronic visit verification (EVV) system to clock in and clock out. We truly believe it will make things easier for everyone in the long run.
If you would like to volunteer to start using it, please email

Verifying Your Timesheet Was Received

Timesheets are DUE by Monday at 12pm & you MUST verify your timesheet was received by us!!!
How to send your timesheet:
Fax: Fax your timesheet, call the office…never trust a fax confirmation!
Email: Use ‘Genius Scan’ App to send via email then wait for confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation, RESEND.
Mail: Mail your timesheet when the pay period ends – call by Monday to be sure we received it.
Drop off in office: No confirmation necessary! You handed it to us, we received it

Thank you

To all our clients and employees, we thank you for your continued dedication to All Home Health. We wouldn’t be here without you. We may not see you or talk to you every day, but we are thankful for you!

Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life.
-Safety saying, circa 1900.

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